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 The Inner Fall - Terms, Elements, and Levels

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The Inner Fall - Terms, Elements, and Levels Empty
PostSubject: The Inner Fall - Terms, Elements, and Levels   The Inner Fall - Terms, Elements, and Levels EmptyMon Jun 23, 2014 10:11 pm

The Inner Fall

Here's a few quick things you should know for this game. We'll start with key terms and concepts.

Others: This game is about people finding something inside their level of consciousness. Others, which can be Angel, Demon, or Neutral, are strange beings that will give you strange and awesome abilities.  They can be projected through your character's mind during battle. They will be able to talk to you through thought in the Human World and you will be able to physically turn into them in the Other World. Ever wanted to fire-bend? An Other with strong Fire element could give you an ability like that. Or maybe you would rather create a wall of plants to protect yourself from threats? Or maybe you'd love to be evil and use the powers of darkness to their fullest. I won't say it doesn't matter what it is, but you can get away with a LOT in here.

Sync: The ability to drag your Other into our reality. When your character Syncs up with your Other(s), it takes a form different from its own appearance within the Sanctuary, except in the case of a Projection type Other.

Sync Ratio: The ability to stay synchronized with your Others.

You may have up to 3 Others. You may use them simultaneously or in succession. They must each have at least 1 element in common, and it must upgrade during each evolution phase. Your character will also have a more difficult sync ratio to maintain during fights.

Elements: When you begin, you may pick up to three elements out of

Light (Protons, Lasers, and of course, healing!)
Dark (Darkness can be interpreted pretty much anyway you want it to be. It can even heal!)

You must put the elements you choose in order from strongest to weakest. The other elements you get to choose to gain (You'll be notified when you can take one.) are treated as mid-strength elements. (NOTE: You are supposed to use these elements to their fullest. Come up with any use you can for them.)

After your Other changes itself into second form (A mod/admin will tell you when that happens, unless you don't want it to change; in which case tell us) you can upgrade 2 of your three primary elements to the following:

Fire ---> Lightning

Water ----> Ice

Plant ----> Beast (You can temporarily alter your DNA)

Wind (force of wind only) ----> Air (You must declare 3 gasses. You can now change the chemical composition of the air to match one of the declared gasses. These choices will be marked on your character sheet.)

Earth (No metals) ----> Metal

Sound -----> Mind (No mind reading other players. NPCs are still fair game.)

(Light and Dark do have secondary forms, but they are treated as third-level elements, so you can't upgrade them until later.)

When elements are upgraded, you DO lose access to the element it grew from, so if you originally had Sound and you upgraded to Mind, you can no longer send out sonic impulses. You CAN however use telekinesis.

Later, it/they will change a second time in the game. You will then be allowed to choose between Space, Time, and Void elements to add on to ONE of your Others. Also, the level one elements that you had before can upgrade to their second level.

If you wish, you can also upgrade one of your previously level 2 elements to level three.

Electricity -----> Activity (The activity of molecules)

Ice ----> Stasis (The lack of activity of molecules)

Air ----> Miasma (Literally any gas you can imagine. Unlimited.)

Metal -----> Gem (Gems along with any possible solid substance you can imagine.)

Mind -----> Sense (This element controls illusions you can implant in people's minds.)

Beast ----> Life (Self-explanatory, but you can bring things you make (ex. An ice sculpture) to life.)

Light ----> Holy (The element of overwhelming goodness)

Dark ----> Abyss (The element of overwhelming evil)

3rd Level elements are special. Having them enables you to use all elements within their tree (So Activity would allow you to use Electricity and Fire in addition to itself). Also, some level 3 elements vary in limitation on their own. You should COMBINE them with your other elements. (So if you have Life and Earth, you can make a minion out of Rock and bring it to life. Your very own golem.)

IMPORTANT: You can only combine Level 3 elements with your other elements. This INCLUDES the elements in the tree with it. You can make Ice-Fire if you've got Activity and Ice. You can also do it if you have Activity and Stasis.

Then, it will change a third time. You will be given a choice between two elements to add on to only one of your Others.

These elements are:

Ethereal – The energies of the dead.

Fantasy – The energies of imagination and dreams

Both are incredibly powerful and can give you even more combination possibilities.

After the third evolution phase, you can now use:

Overdrive Mode - A mega-evolution for your Other which lasts one battle. Your Other changes in appearance to look slightly different (think of a couple aspects of it that might make it look more badass or something.) and all its elements instantly jump to the 3rd level. Only useable if you only have 1 Other.

Temp Fusion - Temporarily fuse your Others for a stronger, single Other for one battle. Only usable if you have multiple Others.

Here's how it works:

Other A:

Other B:

Result of Fusion:

(You would type this as though you were making a new Other, but this new Other must have characteristics from both of the Others used to make it.)


If you'll notice, the result Other has elements from both parents, but look. It also has gotten a few upgrades. When two elements of the same level are brought together through fusion, instead of being carried over exactly to the result, they get upgraded. The Fire + Fire fusion gave it Thunder, in the same way 1 + 1 = 2. The same thing happened when the two Metal elements became fused. They both went to the third level just like 1 + 1 = 2. The elements that will NEVER change are Space, Void, Time, Ethereal, Fantasy, and any third-level element, because they can't go any higher.

You'll also notice that some didn't really upgrade. The Water + Ice still ended up being Ice in the result. This is because, when the two elements aren't of the same level, the stronger one takes precedence.

Levels: These are the member groups. The one that you're in decides how strong you are.

Aware: starting group

Guardian: Intermediate group

Elementalist: Expert group

[Final Level]: Badass group
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The Inner Fall - Terms, Elements, and Levels
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