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 (Read this first!) Making Your Character

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PostSubject: (Read this first!) Making Your Character   Wed Mar 02, 2016 3:21 am

Here's some information you'll need while you're making your first character (mainly the template).



Appearance: (Feel free to use a pic of what you think they'd look like).

History: (At least 10 sentences of backstory.)

Universe: (What anime/thing are they from?)

Universe Power: (Go HERE to find out what that means)

Magic/Weapon Abilities/Skills: (Your limitations for starting characters are listed HERE)

Character Items:

Every stat starts out with 1D (1 six-sided dice) attributed to it by default. When you make your character, you will have an additional 10D to distribute among your stats as well. No more than 3D can go into any one stat. In addition, you may also split a dice, meaning you'll get 6 flat points to add to a stat that will modify it every time you roll. No stat can receive more than a +3 during character creation. In addition, upon gaining another dice and choosing to split it, no single stat can receive more than +2.

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(Read this first!) Making Your Character
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